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Rug Cleaning

Rug Cleaning

Our Rug Cleaning Sylmar is a carpet cleaning company that wants all of their customers to know they can be counted on. This is why someone will always be here to take your call when you call. After we talk to you we will send someone out to help you out as soon as possible. We are the best rug cleaning company so how about giving us a call and let us show you what we can do for you.

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Residential Carpet Cleaning

Residential Carpet Cleaning

Our residential carpet cleaning Sylmar company is your best choice if you are looking for services that include peeling or washing your carpet whenever you notice some stains that seem impossible to remove with regular cleaning product. We believe we have the necessary experience and all the tools for dealing with any kind of issue and make your home shine in the end.

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Tile Cleaning

Tile Cleaning

For instance, your house should be clean and should be having a nice smell so that you can even enjoy the breath that is inside your house. The floor of your house should be hygienic: it should be free from dirt, dust, bacteria and germs among many others that could be lowering the quality of your floor and its appeal. If your house has a floor that is fitted with tiles, they should be well taken good care of by ensuring their resplendence is kept appealing at all times.

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Read all about carpet care with these informative FAQs

Don't you just love the idea of finding good answers to several questions you have about carpet cleaning, water damage solutions and stain removal? If you are interested in reading straight forward answers, take a look here below. You will find answers to frequently asked questions about carpets.

If you want to forget about carpet stains, keep reading! Simple carpet cleaning answers!

What is the best way of using a spot cleaner?

You need to work from the outside and then move inwards as you bloat. Our experts in Sylmar can advise you on the best products to use in these situations. On the other hand you also need to catch the spot early in order to avoid using too much detergent.

How should I deal with acid carpet stains?

The key is always to take quick action. That means that you start the dilution process immediately particularly if the spotter is a drain cleaner. Use baking soda mixed in water. Club soda will also do. You can then use a solution of ammonia and water to complete the cleaning process.

What happens to my furniture during the carpet cleaning process?

Most companies usually offer sofa cleaning together with the carpet services. But for regular residential carpet cleaning tasks, pieces of furniture are typically moved around, and then placed the furniture back to their original position, unless of course they are permanently fixed on the floor or wall.

Certain odors are coming from my carpet. What to do?

The smells can come from a number of sources. If it's not caused by children or pets, usually this is evidence of mold or rot. You can try removing them with home remedies such as vinegar and baking soda in water. If that doesn't work, Carpet Cleaning Sylmar also offers odor removal services for carpets and rugs.

How can I protect my carpet?

Water, sun and mold are the main enemies of carpets. If you can protect them from these elements, you will enjoy them for years and you will also enjoy your health. Don't keep Persian rugs exposed to the sun for long. Avoid putting heavy furniture over them. Don't forget that carpet maintenance will help you keep fibers clean and free of bacteria. If you are dealing with water damage, take care of the problem right away to avoid mold expansion.

What do I do to prevent stain and dirt from soiling my carpet?

You have to have house rules pertaining to your rug or carpet. This is especially true if you have young kids, pets and frequent house guests. The most important rule that you need to enforce is the prohibition of using outdoor shoes on rugs and carpeted rooms. You can use soft rubber soled sandals or just socks. You can also remind your kids and guests to be careful when handling drinks and food with sauces or soups.

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