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Rug Cleaning

Rug Cleaning

Our Rug Cleaning Sylmar is a carpet cleaning company that wants all of their customers to know they can be counted on. This is why someone will always be here to take your call when you call. After we talk to you we will send someone out to help you out as soon as possible. We are the best rug cleaning company so how about giving us a call and let us show you what we can do for you.

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Residential Carpet Cleaning

Residential Carpet Cleaning

Our residential carpet cleaning Sylmar company is your best choice if you are looking for services that include peeling or washing your carpet whenever you notice some stains that seem impossible to remove with regular cleaning product. We believe we have the necessary experience and all the tools for dealing with any kind of issue and make your home shine in the end.

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Tile Cleaning

Tile Cleaning

For instance, your house should be clean and should be having a nice smell so that you can even enjoy the breath that is inside your house. The floor of your house should be hygienic: it should be free from dirt, dust, bacteria and germs among many others that could be lowering the quality of your floor and its appeal. If your house has a floor that is fitted with tiles, they should be well taken good care of by ensuring their resplendence is kept appealing at all times.

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Reliable Cleaning Service

You can get beautiful and hygienic carpets and rugs once again with the following carpet cleaning tips.

General upholstery cleaning tips

Many upholstery stains and soils can be taken care of by homeowners. The first thing to remember is that, when something spills, blot it up immediately. If it's oil-based, don't add water and even if it's safe to use water, water can permanently set protein-based stains, so always be careful. If the stain is serious, you should call our professionals. Whenever you have a question or need help with any sort of stain, our experts will be happy to walk you through the proper cleaning steps.

Prevent rug fire damage

Carpets will be easily damaged by fire. If you don't want ugly holes on your Persians rugs, place them away from the fireplace, avoid playing with matches over them and put fire protection. If you have carpets, place special mats in front of the fireplace. In case you need fire damage restoration, call Carpet Cleaning Sylmar.

Don't put flokati rugs in the washer

Authentic flokati rugs need special flokati rug cleaning with good green products. If you throw them in the washing machine, they will shrink. If they are not handmade, it doesn't mean that they are not made by natural products, so read the labels carefully and proceed accordingly. You won't want to ruin them.

Effective carpet dry cleaning

Experts over at carpet cleaning Sylmar would advise that for best dry cleaning results make sure that the windows are closed and the electric fans are shut off. Otherwise, the wind could blow away the dust or grime while you’re cleaning which could get the rest of the area dirty as well. A good vacuum cleaner fixes this problem however.

Remove rugs from the floors before throwing a party

This is a simple, but extremely useful tip for protecting your lovely carpets. There will be people getting in with their shoes, eating with their hands and drinking various types of beverages. That is why it makes sense to roll rugs and take them away. It is much easier to remove food and wine stains from hard floors of any kind than from tufted or woven rugs.

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